Meet the Street: Erindale Farm

When close friends and relatives of the Gallagher family kept complaining that they couldn’t buy meat that came anywhere close to the taste and quality of their own Erindale Farm products, the family’s retail butchery business was born.

The first Erindale Farm Butchery opened in Lyttleton Terrace in 2007, followed by a second store at the Bendigo Marketplace and a pop-up shop at the Bendigo Farmers Market on the second Saturday of each month.

The family-owned farm and smokehouse has been run by the Gallagher family for five generations, currently with Brian and Leonie Gallagher at the helm, who are passionate about their ‘paddock to plate’ ethos where everything from raising beef and lamb, smoking their own meats, and delivering to their Bendigo stores, is all done by themselves.

This commitment ensures quality, and industry standards are upheld, and the product remains consistent.

The story of how, and with what resources Erindale farm started with is unclear. The family story tells that a twenty-something-year-old Irishman named John Gallagher jumped ship during the Gold Rush, starting Erindale Farm in the 1860s; the farm has now been in the family for 160 years.

Located on 1,300 hectares in the Shelbourne/Eastville area, breeding cross Merino/Border Leicester Lamb for meat and wool and raise grain finished Black Angus cattle, the Gallagher’s also grow barley, wheat, canola, oats, and rape using only natural fertilisers and minimum pest control to ensure quality.

Erindale Farm meat does not contain any chemicals or gasses, and they work towards maximising the value of every animal with minimal waste.

With a dedication to improving the local environment around them, the Gallaghers formed an alliance with the West Marong Landcare Group in 1994, which began a program that now has 16 hectares of land given over to wildlife corridors planted with local indigenous tree and shrub species. These plantings have improved the land and provide a more than suitable habitat for a variety of local birds and animals.

Erindale Farm Butchery are devoted to providing high-quality meat and the freshest cuts at an affordable price. Meat is hand-picked to ensure that only the best quality cuts make it into stores and products are supplied to local restaurants and the community. Suitable for families on a budget to the gourmet home chef. Their product range that includes a variety of meat cuts, pre-made meals, ‘butcher’s own’ selections, homemade sausages and high-quality pet food.

This family-run business is both dedicated to their customers and committed to making their environment a better place.

Find Erindale Farm Butchery at Shop 6 in Lyttleton Terrace, and at the Bendigo Farmers Market every second Saturday of the month.